Dr Rod Hughes
Consultant Rheumatologist

Common Treatments

My aim is to provide a quick diagnosis and optimal management of all musculoskeletal diseases; from young to old age.

Many conditions can be treated predominantly with the use of drugs. In some instances injections may be appropriate, both intra-muscular injections to damp down inflammation, and injections into the joints, ligaments and tendons with areas of inflammation.

I will provide guidance on exercises and I’ll also use the expertise of my physiotherapy colleagues to plan a campaign of repair and rehabilitation for patients who need to build up muscles and flex and exercise joints. This particularly relates to people with spinal conditions.

Steroid Injections

Many rheumatological symptoms represent soft tissue overstrain or injury which may be treated with relatively painless steroid injections. These often help resolve symptoms that have continued for months. Swollen inflamed joints, especially the knee and shoulder often respond well to injections

We have a team of muscular skeletal radiologists who can provide guided injections to difficult sites using ultrasound and x-ray guidance.