Please watch these short videos for a full introduction to Dr Hughes’ approach…

Consultation Process

At a first appointment I will aim to take a full patient history, building up a picture that will start to guide towards diagnosis.  At all times I am keen to listen to a patient’s priorities and work collaboratively with them towards the best treatment and management plan.                        

I work with a multi-disciplinary team that involves both physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  I also try to work with people’s families and partners.  I encourage patients to bring someone they trust to the consultation, who can be an extra pair of ears to listen to my explanation.   

Whilst I have a practical approach I am keen to reassure patients as much as possible, offering effective treatments and symptom relief, helping patients on their journey towards retaining and developing normal function. 

At a second appointment to see someone coming in who could hardly get out of bed or move their joints, now back to work, doing things they did previously and with a renewed sense of hope gives me the most tremendous amount of satisfaction.

What to bring

Prior to your initial appointment with Dr Rod Hughes, it is recommended that you organise a referral letter from your doctor or specialist (NHS or private), preferably sent on to Dr Rod Hughes before your appointment.  This provides important information, which will speed up your diagnosis and avoid confusion with current or previous medication.

You should also bring any recent scans and /or reports which may be relevant to your problem. Blood tests reports, taken in the last twelve to eighteen months, may also prove useful, as an aid to diagnosis. Your doctor may provide copies of these, if you do not already have them. It is also important, wherever possible that you have a list of all your current medications and dosages with you. This list should include any vitamins or alternate health supplements that you are taking. Any allergies to medication should be noted and mentioned.