I am an active teacher within medicine and I am very keen to help others. This section shows you how I teach and develop skills of junior doctors, doctors who are nearing consultant grade and the generic skills of other consultants. I work with the Royal college of Physicians in London and I facilitate on a number of programs looking at how doctors are effective educational supervisors and how they deal with trainees who have learning problems within the work place.

What this does for me is it heightens my sense of the importance of communication and it spills over into my contact with patients, so it allows me to start to develop in some depth my relationships with patients and to explain to them fully how their conditions are going to effect them, and also what exactly those conditions actually mean. It also allows me to guide patients towards other sources of information such as websites that involve patient guidance. There are a lot of them there and sometimes they are quite hard to navigate.

I will be adding regularly to my own website with research, information and advice to GPs and education professionals. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like me to answer any questions or if there is an area you would like me to write about.