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Functional Conditions

Just wanted to thank you – your thoughtfulness has meant a lot and I really appreciate all you have done for my mum.
MC March 2016
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KS June 2016

These conditions can happen after long term illness such as RA or can be triggered by emotional or physical trauma. They are incompletely understood and frustrating as, by definition, they are associated with negative test results and normal X rays and scans.

These are very real conditions and need sensitive management with a combination of medication, graded exercises and sometimes talking therapies such as CBT. It is important to recognise these conditions and realise that they are real and need real treatments whilst their actual cause remains obscure. They are more common than people recognise and can cause lots of personal and family upset

Another poorly understood condition often resulting from initial injury but progressing to result in an exquisitely painful hand or foot with all the signs of inflammation but caused by nerves becoming over-sensitised after injury. They can be challenging to treat but do respond in time to medication

Hypermobility, or being overly flexible around the joints can be an advantage in some people making them better gymnasts or dancers. However I see lots of people of every age having problems that are a consequence of hypermobility. This can be as simple as stiff soft tissues or recurrent dislocation of joints but hypermobility also seems able to upset the automatic nervous system (autonomic nerves) that control temperature and blood pressure resulting in flushing, easy fainting and low blood pressure. These consequences can remain unrecognised and therefore untreated for years.