Dr Rod Hughes
Consultant Rheumatologist

Diagnosis & Imaging

I deal with a number of conditions in men, women, adolescents and children. The treatments that I plan are specific to each individual , using the best evidence and best treatment, recognised both nationally and internationally. I try to design the treatment according to both my views on it and taking the patient’s view into consideration. We tend to work as a team,  planning the right diagnosis for you.

Imaging Techniques

Imaging with X rays is immediately available from the Runnymede hospital during consultations if necessary. CT scanning, PET scanning, ultrasound and MRI scanning can be booked at the patients convenience from the clinic. All help provide a complete picture of the condition and guide me towards the best treatment plan.

Bone Density Scanning

The assessment of Osteoporosis usually requires the use of a bone density scanner which is available via St Peter’s Hospital– the results help me to lead the patient to a rational and up to date treatment plan for osteoporosis.