Dr Rod Hughes
Consultant Rheumatologist

Private Medical Insurance

If you are coming to the clinic as a self-paying patient you will be billed after your appointment directly by Jody Evans from Dr Hughes’ office.  This will be at a standard rate for either a new or follow up consultation with a small additional standard cost to cover consumables if you have received an injection.

You can pay over the phone by credit or debit card or send a cheque or pay by cash through the office.  You will only be billed by BMI at the Runnymede if you have had any investigations such as X rays or blood tests.  You will be sent a polite automatic reminder if you have not settled your bill within three months

If you are covered by insurance there is a relatively standard procedure but this varies slightly according to the insurer.  You will always have to have had a GP letter or contact prior to your consultation as the insurer will often want to see this letter.  You should contact your insurer before your consultation to obtain a referral authorisation which will often be a number.  Most insurance companies now like us to bill them electronically after your consultation and we can only do this with an authorisation code number.  You will be asked for this by the BMI receptionist when you check in before your appointment within outpatients at the Runnymede.  You may also have to obtain separate agreement for any injection that is planned.  After every appointment your referring GP or consultant will receive a letter summarising your consultation and management plan and we will be happy to copy this in to you if you wish, although it should contain no information beyond what was discussed in the appointment.

Your insurance company then needs to give you permission to attend any follow up appointment that may be planned as part of your treatment.