Dr Rod Hughes Spinal
Dr Rod Hughes Spinal

Spinal Conditions

I just had to drop a line to say thank you for your help and kindness. I have had a wonderful week, just able to be me! I can even turn over in bed. I’ve done things in the kitchen, been to the garden centre etc. Please may it last. Thank you.
DM July 2016
Good morning Doc (Rod)
Just wanted to thank you for you being available and helping me with my latest flare-up .
Cannot bear to think how I would be without reliance on your support.
Thanks again
DL July 2016

Back and Neck Pain

In many cases pain from the neck, thoracic spine or low back can arise from damage or injury to the facet joints whilst, in some cases a torn or prolapsed disc can cause pain and nerve root irritation with pain down the arm or leg as well as in the back.

To fully investigate back pain imaging is often necessary through either plain X rays or CT or MRI scans.

Treatment can be with physiotherapy, osteopathy (whether standard or Cranial) or chiropractic as well as using anti-inflammatories, drugs to relieve spasm and pain and neuro-analgesics (painkillers such as amitriptyline used specifically for chronic pain). TENs machines (electrical current stimulation over the back) and referral to colleagues from the Pain team can also help with overall treatment and sometimes spinal injections or epidurals. Surgery is rarely indicated.

A review by a rheumatologist is often a good place to start if you want to get a correct diagnosis for either a short term or more chronic back condition and to plan an effective treatment regime